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Session Abstract

Your Customer Success team has to juggle ALL the balls - tech support, product training, strategy, sales…all while managing more accounts than ever before. With expectations rising, we’re past the point where “just work harder” is a viable strategy. To thrive versus survive, CS organizations need to invest in a strategic tech stack that enables their employees to focus on the most critical customer conversations without compromising the mundane, repetitive, but highly necessary interactions that build trust and momentum. Join Conversica Chief Customer Officer Ella Dillon to learn how to create a Growth Workforce in your Customer Success organization using breakthrough Conversation Automation technology. We’ll discuss:

  • Closing the gap between your team’s capacity for conversations and what your customers require for retention and growth;
  • Focusing your CSM’s time and energy on strategic conversations and optimizing your tech stack to handle the rest;
  • Making the most of your Gainsight insights throughout your customer base; and
  • Proving value and attribution for post-sale growth.